Wednesday 5 December 2012

Tag - Why Do You Wear Make-Up?


I've seen this Tag post 'doing the rounds' on some lovely blogs recently and really enjoyed reading them so thought I'd put my two penneth in...!

When did you begin loving make-up?

One of the earliest 'make-up' memories I have is of  my mum's red vanity case containing her few products - including her blue and green eye shadows and that 'old-fashioned' block of mascara that had to be dampened with the stiff brush before applying - I was fascinated by it all!  I remember my dad sending me back upstairs to 'wash the make-up off my face' after I overdid it on the way out to a youth club disco in my early teens - I was indignant and mortified at the time (in true teenage style!) but now realise that I looked like a clown with the amount of slap I had on!  I've always loved messing about to create different looks with make-up.  In my younger days I was always the one with several different colours of eye-shadow on all blended (of course) on a night out! 

How do you feel without make-up?

To say my hair is so naturally dark you would never tell from from my lash and brow area - I really notice the lack of definition - which is why I always use mascara and wear some form of brow make-up.  It's old age and all that thinning out business - the joys!   I can forgo face make-up if I really have to and like to let my skin breath for a while on a weekend but usually wear some form of the stuff, lighter when I'm not at work and  heavier for work days (to cope with our office conditions which range from freezing air-conditioning or complete stuffiness when it's not working properly - there's no happy medium and it's all designed to confuse and muck up our skin!).  I couldn't go to work without any make-up on - the whole office would be permanently traumatised...

What do you like about make-up?

I love that we can enhance, highlight, conceal, add radiance, colour, definition, shimmer, contours and sparkle, smokey eyes, bold lips etc etc the list is almost endless! There's a whole universe of different effects and looks out there just waiting to be created... the world is a 'make-up oyster' if you so wanted it!

Three 'Holy Grail' items...?

Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil SPF 25 - love my Mineral Veil and really need  to sort out a full review - it's a lovely finishing product, can be used over my BB or Bare Minerals foundation to help everything along.

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner - not strictly make-up but a treatment that I've been using over the past year which has really helped the condition and length of my eyelashes. Mascara application is so much easier these days.

Bare Minerals 'Warmth' All Over Face Colour - a gorgeous velvety bronzer (should really do a review on this too!) it's great for warming/livening up the complexion or for a contoured effect. Also often mix it up with a paler pink blush to add a bit of depth and oomph!

Right - that's it for now - best shut up shop because I could waffle on about this subject for ages...Please feel free to follow on the tag - and please leave a comment if you do - I'd love to have a read...!

So come on - spill the beans - Why do YOU wear make-up?

Jen x


  1. What a great post- my daughter already sneaks into my make up and tries stuff on --- at 5!! I never go without make up - even if it is just a BB and mascara...I would feel undressed!! X

    1. Thanks Claire - my daughter is going the same way! I always have to wear a bit of make-up if I leave the house! xx

  2. Great post Jenny, I think we all made some faux pas in the past when it comes to makeup! Haha.
    I really must get around to trying some Bare Minerals products. I've been meaning to for ages but when it comes down to it I always back out as I'm just not really sure how I'd get on with mineral products. I remember trying out a Bourjois mineral powder foundation years ago (it was the first one I'd ever heard of) and it didn't go well, I just had a really powdery face and that was it!
    Mel xx

    1. Thanks Mel! Yes - we've all made some mistakes along the way. I love my Bare Minerals products (as you can probably tell)! xx

  3. Its simple - I look even worse without it! Fab post though xx

    1. Thanks Sharron! I should tell you this morning without make-up (or glasses to distract from the issue - had my lenses in) I looked like a creature from 'The Walking Dead' - was not nice! xx


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