Wednesday 17 February 2016

Aveda, Tigi and Ojon - A Tale of Three Hair Products ...


Yes ... well ... thick hair and myself do not go hand in hand and it's getting worse as I get older (and believe me I'm getting older!) ... my hair has always been fine but as well as generally thinning with age there's a patch around my crown (apparently I have a double crown!) which is getting more and more sparse - my hubby swears he can't even tell (he is a man though!) but you know when you're conscious of something?  Anyway, I'm willing to try almost anything out there - if it promises thickness or volume so ... enter these three which I've been using in rotation over the last few months ... all are applied to damp hair before blow drying ...

A picure of Aveda, Tigi and Ojon Hair Products

Aveda Thickening Tonic - I've wanted to try it for a while but it's expensive at £19-£20/100ml so I held out for a 20% off deal at House of Fraser and then jumped in. It claims to thicken hair in one use by expanding strands, using botanical extracts, from roots to ends.   The pump delivers a fine spray which has a sweet clove-like smell, I apply approx. 8-10 pumps all over from roots through the lengths. After blow drying my hair looks noticeably thicker (to me), the thinning patch on my scalp looks much more healthy and I can't glimpse so many gaps between the lengths of hair.  There is oomph and texture and it  kind of 'bouffes' the hair out, if that makes sense, but not in a non-shiny, frizzy way.  More good news - the thickness lasts until the next wash - it's a good one and definitely works!

Tigi Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray - this one seems good value (I think) - it can vary from £8 - £15/300ml. It's meant to contain ingredients that create thickness and add strength, elasticity and smoothness and has a 'great style memory with a low tack and a natural feel'. I spray mainly around roots and through mid lengths and then dry.  It has a fresh citrus scent and the spray is fine but very wet.   I didn't find this added masses of thickness, especially on the 'bald bit' (and too much product leaves my hair a bit gunked up, stringy and weighs it down) but the right amount gives good root lift and leaves hair super soft and shiny and it definitely holds the style into the next day.  It can also be used to add texture on a second day style by spraying in and blasting with hairdryer, I've tried this a couple of times and again have to use sparingly but it leaves hair with a much 'piecier' look to it, although this doesn't seem to last very long.  It's not a bad product but not one I'd use for loads of thickness or texture - shame!  

Ojon Volume Advance Animated Volumising Cream - this is the latest of the three purchases and again I've wanted to try for a while but been put off by the price of £20.50/125ml tube.  It's a 'light, whipped cream fortified with pure Ojon Oil' meant to leave hair full with texture , shine and grip. Easy enough to apply to damp hair, a little goes a long way and I only need to use a small squeeze of cream (too much leaves hair sticky) so this tube will last for ages.  It has a delicate sweet scent and once hair is dried it's left soft, shiny (again) and with light hold, a bit of texture and a bit of bounce. Not loads of va va voom or volume for me but just enough to disguise my 'patch'  - a good 'everyday hair' product for natural looking (and feeling) hair.

So  ... when it comes to thickness the Aveda Thickening Tonic seems to win ... the problem is the bottle doesn't last as long as I feel it should for the price, I wash my hair every other day so it soon goes down.  It's something I'd repurchase but much as I'd want to, I'd end up saving for special occasions - such a dilemma! 

For the moment I'll just be awkward and continue my quest for the perfect hair thickening product at the perfect price. Am I being a skinflint?  Would you pay out?  Have you tried any decent hair thickeners recently?

Jen x

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  1. My hair was thinking last year. It have like you always had fine hair so fine thinning hair is not good. So I resorted to taking Nourkin tablets. And thankfully hair has stopped falling out and is starting to get back to its normal thinness!! However I got a deal on the three month pack of Nourkin. Free shampoo and conditioner. After using, my hair is noticeably thicker. Like you am saving for best though as I wish my hair every day and it would work out expensive.
    Will defo try the aveda thickener.


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