Friday 17 April 2015

Don't Stop The Music ...!


Yet again I've not published a music post for a while - there's been a lot going on down on the ranch and I've not felt so inspired  ... but that's changed and boy am I feeling it right now (this should read feelin' it but only cool young people would use this version right?).  Anyway ... this superb tune appeared on one of my new 80s funk/soul compilations and I heard it for the first time in years whilst driving to work (to the office of doom) one morning - put me in a good mood! It then popped up on the CD again one afternoon the other weekend as I was driving home from the gym - it was one of those surprisingly hot afternoons and I had the windows wound down with the bass turned up, shades on and my arm hanging out of the window ... cruising (as you do!) unfortunately I had no 'homies' with me in the car but all the same ... proper cool I was ... ;) !

Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't Stop the Music ...

From way back when in 1981 ...can't believe I had forgotten about this funky number ... 'The beat keeps going round and round - turns me upside down!'.  It has such a feel good factor and is so laid back I was almost horizontal in the drivers seat - not a good idea if you're driving obviously!

How silky smooth yet totally groovy is this tune and how darn clear are their voices ... if I could sing like that I would not be working in the office of doom!   Don't you just want to 'pour' yourself right onto that dance floor, as the lady says 'It feels so satisfying ... just because it's 2 o'clock don't stop the music ... !'  I do remember though (as some of you older gals will)  when the nightclubs actually did finish at 2 o'clock after the smoochies had been on -  it's not the same these days is it and my young colleagues cannot comprehend an 'establishment' closing 'so early'!   Good grief ... remember the smoochies at the end of the night ... actually I'd rather not remember all of them if you get my drift!

Which tune would you want to cruise along to with your 'homies' on a warm sunny afternoon?

Jen x



  1. I can't think of any tune that would make me 'want to cruise with my homies' ha ha ha! Seriously though 2 am? In France, in my clubbing days and they were short, you didn't go to a club until 11.45 or midnight and it finished at 5.30am. From there, we went straight to the bakery and bought some croissants! Those were the days!

    1. Ah but you are quite a bit younger than me Gaelle but yes - those were the days! x

  2. Oh wow! What a flashback!! I need some new cds! What do you recommend Jenny? A good compilation would be perfect for the car! Let's just say our local radio is not exactly hip n funky!! x

    1. Good grief don't get me started Andrea! There are so many on Amazon really well priced! xx


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