Friday 17 October 2014

Cheese Series #1 - I Was Made For Dancing ... !


Last weekend I was feeling a bit fed up (as we all do I'm sure from time to time!) - the hubby decided to indulge in a few cheesy tunes from Spotify to cheer me up whilst I was cooking (bolognaise if you must know!) and here's one of the tunes he came up with ...

Leif Garrett - I Was Made For Dancing ...

all, all, all, all night long ...!

Ignoring the fact that I was actually  made for dancing all, all all all night long ... (age and circumstances make this a sheer impossibility these days!) ... oh my goodness what a blast from the past ... made me smile ... and slightly cringe in a good way! What on earth made him choose this one I'll never know - must have been near the top of the 'cheese' category!  Back in the day I was a bit too young to really get into the whole Bay City Rollers thing but our Leif was a different matter and I had rather a large 'not quite a teenage crush' on him - as many of us did 1978/79 -with posters on my wall etc.  Ladies of a certain age - this must surely rekindle some memories when you cast your gaze once again upon all that hair and tight leather trews! Even you young 'uns must be able to see it to a certain extent ... if you ignore the complete 70s disco crumbly cheese vibe here!

It's made me realise I have a whole host of cheesy goodness to share with you - hence the title - why keep it all to myself? Expect some proper gems in the future!

Who was your 'not quite a teenage crush'?

Jen x


  1. David Cassidy and Donny Osmond when I was about 10 I think, I honestly can't remember but loved them both x

    1. Oh yes I remember David Cassidy - his hair was always perfect! xx

  2. I dont remember this one at all, mind you I was only about 8 :) xx

  3. Oh my days I've not heard this before Jenny! I have to confess to being a Wham fan in my younger years but Curiosity Killed The Cat were my teenage crushes! I saw them in concert at Hammersmith too! Ax

  4. Love Wham Andrea! Used to like Curiosity Killed the Cat too - takes me back! xx


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