Wednesday 22 January 2014

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment - Review


I received the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment  in a  QVC kit ages ago (I don't know what I'd do without QVC at times!) ...

Comes in a little (rather serious looking don't you think?) grey bottle with a dropper/pipette ...!

A picture of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment
A review of Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment

A little info directly from the Elemis website here for you ...
"Super-active padina pavonica and blue flower linseed helps smooth and firm, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, for a more youthful appearance. A super-light formula that packs heavy-weight results!

A sophisticated amino acid complex of natural humectants which attracts moisture into the deeper layers of the skin. Combines exceptional moisturisation with added protection to support the fragile skin around the eyes, without overloading them."

Now we all know my eye area is getting on a bit (along with the rest of me!) and whilst it's difficult to turn back time in this department, anything which helps halt proceedings - so to speak - can only be a good thing. I'm not a fan of anything heavy around the eye area - it just introduces more problems into the equation. Stands to reason that a light serum which is absorbed almost instantly and keeps the skin around my eyes hydrated, whilst helping to ward off wrinkles and saggy bits (dang those blasted saggy bits!) would always have been a welcome addition to my skincare routine!

All you need is a drop lightly patted around the orbital bone - it's very concentrated and the dropper makes it both easy and economical to use.  I started using in the mornings last summer and am only just  finishing it off (both AM and PM during the last few months) - it's kept going for ages. It has a cooling, soothing and slight firming feel to it and my eye area feels comfortable and moisturised (yet not overloaded with product) - and stays that way all day with no puffiness.  I'm not going to be completely wrinkle free at my age but I do think that using a quality product such as this helps to keep to keep the situation under control and treat the area in a suitable way.  I'll let you know if things start to slide after I finish this little bottle ...!

It is pricey at £39.00/15ml but no more so than any other premium product I've looked at.  I do have other eye products to try out but want to repurchase this at some stage as I feel it works for me. Wise to wait for another QVC TSV or kit though as it can end up costing a fraction of the full price and actually there is an Elemis TSV due on 16 February ...!

Have you tried the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment? What's your favourite eye product of the moment?

Jen x


  1. I will definitely add this to list of things to try as always on look out for good eye products. I am using the hyaluron eye cream from eucering at the moment.

    1. If you like them light and effective Gaelle then this may be worth a shot! x

  2. I'm using an Estee Lauder one at the moment, got it in a gift set at Christmas but I don't think anything works or helps the wrinkles sadly, it's all a load of rubbish, we need good gene's! x

    1. For me keeping things hydrated and plumped seems to work Sharron - even on those stupid wrinkles! x

  3. God I need this by the bucket load Jenny! ANYTHING which helps with the wrinkles and bagginess is a product worth its weight in my book. I am currently using one by Monu, I've had it for ages but a little goes a long way and it's super light and easily absorbed too x


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