Wednesday 30 January 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Heart Breaker - Review


I've had this lippie from the Rimmel Lasting Finish range since Autumn (I think) of last year - picked it up from Tesco during one of my many supermarket jaunts - it was on offer at the time (can't even remember the offer). Seems to only be available in this colour at Tesco and has changed to Heart Breaker Red - 4 now as you can see here instead of Heart Breaker 016 but appears to be the same shade - no idea what's going on there - that'll teach me to get my finger out review-wise in future though...

Sun is in my face and my hair is it's usual mess!

So - 'attempting not to waffle too much - yeah right!' - this lipstick is meant to be long-wearing (up to 8 hours) and high-shine.  I'm no lippie connoisseur - as you may well know  - but I love the colour, a rich raspberry-like shade and find it to be more creamy than shiny but that's fine - I like creamy!  As far as long wear is concerned it lasted about an hour and a half before fading away evenly (I've worn it with and without a quick slick of lip balm and also blotted between applications).  Unfortunately it didn't survive my morning cuppa and toasted t-cake at work, (can't do without that!) and had to be re-applied throughout the day - but then I'd expect this anyway? Which lippie really does stay totally intact (without a sealant?) after a toasted t-cake (please let me know?!) - a matte probably?

Anyway - hope you can get an idea of the shade on my usual half-face (ah the day of the full face is looming in the distant future - need to work out how to stop the lens on my camera amplifying everything in the centre of the pic  - yep it's that old conk again) - the sun was (obviously) shining at the time so the colour hasn't come out as deep as it is in 'real life'!

Have you tried any Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks? Which is your favourite shade?

Jen x


  1. mmm looks like my kind of colour might pick it up xx

  2. What a lovely colour! The more I see Rimmel , the more impressed I am,having thought they were just for the young 'uns!!!- I tried a gel eye liner of theirs and it is brilliant! Good old Rimmel! XX

    1. Thanks Claire - I like it! Yep I reckon Rimmel has plenty of gems waiting for us 'old uns'! xx

  3. This is a beaut of a colour!
    Yes, to be honest no 'long-wearing' lipstick has ever stayed put on me - I'd say an hour and a half is actually pretty good going, compared to my five minutes, haha.
    In terms of what does stand it's ground, have you ever tried the Maybelline Superstay 24hr lip colours? It's a liquid lipstick on one end which dries to give a matte finish, and a moisturising balm on the other. That is the one thing that point-blank refuses to budge all day on me, and is still clinging on in the morning if I don't scrub it off before bed!
    Mel xx

    1. Thanks Mel! I haven't tried the Maybelline Superstay but I'll defintitely be taking a look for after the spending ban is up!

  4. Just came across your site looking for the swatch! Loved it and am definitely purchasing this :)
    following you
    thanx again


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