Tuesday 12 June 2012

Posture Perfect??

Evening All!

Ok I may be teaching my 'grandmother to suck eggs' here but I think we all, at some stage, have underestimated the importance of good posture.  Not only for obvious appearance sake but also for genuine health reasons.

Ever since I can remember I've 'hunched over', even though I'm not that tall. As a result my shoulders feel as if they're 'fused forward' and I find it quite difficult to 'straighten up' naturally, it's more of a conscious effort!

Since starting Pilates classes a few years ago I've realised just how bad my overall posture has been for years and years and how it's probably caused various muscular issues. I've been told the muscles in my chest have 'shortened', meaning I'm prone to muscle pulls and strains and have a limited range of movement in this area and the muscles in my upper back have 'lengthened', which causes me upper back and neck pain.  However, because I'm now so aware of it I do make more of an effort to try to adopt a straighter stance whether walking, standing, sitting, driving or exercising! (Zumba does not look good if you're bent over!)

Recognise any of these stances - I do!

Good posture can help with back pain, neck pain, actually all sorts of pains and health issues!  In fact there are so many benefits that you'd never think of - I've attached some information from the experts here.  Obviously this is just the 'tip of the iceberg' - I'm only speaking from my own experience but why not try out a Pilates class  - it's a real eye-opener and can only be beneficial if done correctly - what do you think?

Surely our bodies were built to 'stand up straight'!  So girls - if you do one thing for yourself today just straighten up, head high, roll and relax your shoulders back and down and engage your core! Ok - I know that's more than 'one thing' but just think how much better you'll look in your new 'H & M outfit'  and 'Revlon Lip Butter'!

My mum says that my grandmother constantly told her to "put your back straight girl...!".  So maybe - on this occasion - Mum does know best?

Jen x

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