Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Wedding Outfit Dilemma ... Part 2!


So ... if you read my original Wedding Outfit post here you'll know I was after something special to wear for my brother's nuptials! We returned from holiday and I went into 'panic dress buying mode' as I had a week to sort everything out before the big day.  That was over two weeks ago and if you follow me on Instagram you'll know which dress I opted for anyway! But ... since I'd photographed the dresses (in haste and on my phone - hey ho!) I thought I'd follow up ... I've not added individual links to each dress as they are all on my Pinterest page here ...

The first three are from the House of  Fraser and were all reduced in the sale ... there seems to be a 'cap sleeve' theme going on ...!

Cap sleeved with lace overlay and gathered skirt ... Mum liked this one ... it has a bit of a 'Prom' look to it and I thought the lace was really pretty but I knew straight away it was too flouncy and full in the skirt for me ... it would have suited my young daughter much better! You can tell I'm uncomfortable if you look at the stiffness of my right arm there!

Described as 'Cascading Floral' - (Mum didn't like this one anyway!) I quite fancied the idea of something floral and fitted.  It did feel lovely and comfortable on but ... a) it was the most expensive - reduced from £159 to £70 or something? I've never spent that amount on a dress so it would have had to have been absolutely perfect and b) the cap sleeves bothered me - they made me feel like an extra aboard the Starship Enterprise in a Star Trek spectacular!

More cap sleeves - this time with lace shoulders and a sweetheart neckline ... I had a real soft spot for this one and my mum liked it (she said it reminded her of the dresses she used to wear during the fifties in India!). It came a close second - felt really pretty and dainty on but due to the rigid waistband I couldn't take a deep breath in the size 8 and the 10 was a little too big, plus the large and very obvious silver zip on the back bothered me - don't ask why it just did!

This red lace 'Anita and Green' number from New Look turned out to be the one! I loved everything about it ... the colour, the lace, the fact that the sleeves were longer, it wasn't too fitted or too flouncy too baggy, long or short - you know when something just 'feels right'?  The pics don't do it justice ... plus it was reduced in the sale and was an absolute bargain , as were the shoes I also 'stumbled' up in the New Look sale!

A close up of the lace detail below ... and an 'outfit selfie' from the wedding day (you can't walk past a large full length hotel mirror without doing so can you?!). I treated myself to a new Benefit Roller Lash mascara for the big day as I knew it would do a good mascara job in a jiffy and be easy to touch up with no clumps and ol' faithful Kate Moss Matte 110 came up trumps (once again) and matched the dress perfectly - love that lippie!

So ... after the initial panic it all ended well ... it was a fantastic day, the bride looked radiant and I was so proud of my bro (head over to my Instagram to catch a pic of the bride and groom!), all the family had a brilliant time ... an all round winner!

We actually have another wedding to attend in September (one of the hubby's friends this time) ... they're like buses ... they all come at once ... so I've decided to wear my dress again - can't wait!   Have you attended any weddings lately - did you have an outfit dilemma?

Jen x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 Favourites ...!


Can I really be writing about this Summer's Holiday favourites already?  Doesn't seem like two minutes since I was rushing around like an idiot trying to get the packing done (getting all stressed out as I do every year!).  And then we were there ... South of France, gorgeous villa,  fantastic weather (30+ degrees most days!), good food and company - what more could you want?  And then we were back ... and it all seems like a distant memory ... so here are few bits that I snapped whilst we were on holiday that stood out for me  ...

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - I knew this would be ideal for holiday and I was right! I only used a small amount to add a smidge of cover and it did a brilliant job of keeping in with the 'no make-up look' - will definitely repurchase for use again next summer. Full review here.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Dry Touch SPF 30  -  I'll try and sneak a full review of this on here before  the Summer ends (which basically means sooner rather than later!) it did a good job  of helping me avoid that overly greasy feeling!

Mally Under Eye Brightener - this isn't only a summer staple - it's an all-year-round staple to help combat dark circles and under eye shadows! Reviewed here this particular pot was coming to an end so I just shoved it in my make-up bag as I didn't have a travel size to take. I've since reordered a kit with both the same size pot (which honestly seems to go on for a couple of years!) and a handy travel size which will be saved for next year's holiday!

Bourjois Cream Blush in Sweet Cherry and 1 Seconde Volume in Ultra Black - a couple of winners here from Bourjois! I reviewed Sweet Cherry last year here - it's a lovely natural looking everyday blush perfect for holiday. I'm about to write up my review of 1 Seconde Volume up but I think it will be a good one - say no more!

Philip Kingley Elasticizer and Daily Damage Defence and Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream - moving onto hair products!  I've used Elasticizer for years, this travel size came with a recent Elasticizer kit from QVC and is so convenient to use on holiday, just stick it on late afternoon, sit out in the sun to catch those last rays and then just wash out when you go in to shower - easy and effective!  The Daily Damage Defence is brilliant for reviving frizz prone hair, leaving it soft without any crispiness. Similarly the Color Wow Styling Cream smooths hair with a tiny bit of texture, yet doesn't weigh hair down or leave it sticky or greasy and you only need a small amount! I left my hair to dry naturally after mostly every wash on this year's holiday and these two styling products really helped to control the inevitable frizzies and stop me looking like an extra from the Hair Bear Bunch!

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo - I picked up this travel size on a last minute shopping trip before we went.  It does leave a bit of white cast on darker hair if you spray too close but nothing that can't be 'rubbed out' once massaged in and helps to refresh and give hair a decent amount of volume at the roots. I'd buy again to take away!

Large sun-hat and and equally large box of French Rose - a couple of obvious favourites for a hot holiday ... I don't think I need explain why!

One more favourite ... (sigh!) ... the view from our balcony ... (further sighs!) ... lovely isn't it! 

What have been your holiday favourites this year?

Jen x

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Wedding Outfit Dilemma ... Part 1!


It's been a mad few weeks that's for sure (as you may have gathered by the sparse blog posts!) ... overtime, end of term for the kids, then holiday preparations were underway, had a brilliant time with the family in the South of France,  and now my brother and his lovely fiancee are shortly to be married ... so the madness continues! Good madness of course!

So ... wedding outfit ... I'm not a regular 'dress wearer' as you may know ... I tend to try to toughen things up with boots etc to play down the ladylike vibe (looks great on others but not so much on me!) but you can't really do that for your brother's wedding can you? Well ... I could but don't think my mum would be very impressed! And herein lies the dilemma ... an age appropriate dress in the correct colour that doesn't cost the earth ... with the right neckline, not too short, long, clingy, baggy or fussy ... don't want much do I?  Here are a few that have caught my eye from House of  Fraser, Debenhams and New Look - all images and links etc are from Pinterest here ...

Not sure whether to go for something floaty ...

or lace and floaty ... this one may be a bit too short actually ...

Or fitted lace ...

or something in between ...

I think this is probably my favourite, a bit more sophisticated but I love the style and colour ...

... and for some reason, although I'm not a flowery girl, this one from Ted Baker is calling to me ...

So what do you think - opinions please? Would you go floaty, lacy or fitted? I've ordered a few dresses so will showcase once I've had a trying on session!  I'm not even thinking about bag or shoes yet, that's another kettle of fish!

Jen x

Friday, 31 July 2015

Hauling in July ... !


It feels like forever since I did a haul post so this is a big one ... although all this lot wasn't just bought in one go but rather in dribs and drabs over the last month-ish ...!

Starting off with hair ... yes well ... now that I've had my hair cut into a short bob I've decided I want to grow it into more of a 'lob' (my daughter says this is all I ever do ... cut it off then try to grow it ... grow it then cut it off again and so on and so forth!). Anyway, I've invested in a couple of appliances for starters ...

A picture of the July Haul

I needed a new hairdryer after my old one packed in ... ummed and ahhed for ages and in the end decided to go for a professional brand (more on that later) so went for the Diva Professional Veloce 3800 Pro from Amazon. And also the Babyliss Dual Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styler which, in contrast, was an impulse buy after I saw the demo on QVC and decided it was the styling tool for me - so far so good!

A few clothing buys ...

A picture of the July Haul

This lot was bought fairly recently ... the softest off-white top ever from The White Stuff, navy linen blend dress from Gap, long sleeve basic t-shirt and another 'fluffy thing' from Next (have one in grey and how I love it for softness and warmth during the colder months!) all in the sales! The only non sale item was my new leather bag - a bargain from TK Maxx - I'm in love and can't stop gazing at it - I've never had a 'handbag fetish' but this could be the start of a bad habit!

A picture of the July Haul

Flowery print gypsy top (not sure it's me as I don't usually do the flower or the gypsy thing but my mum likes it!) and khaki utility skirt from the New Look sale.  Also got hold of a pair of thin khaki trousers from New Look (only £9!) and was unsure whether to keep or not as I'm rarely out of my jeans but the opinion was an outright 'keeper' when I asked for opinions over on Instagram!

Next up a few beauty buys ... some essential and some treats ...!

A picture of the July Haul

The essentials ... (in my book anyway!) were the Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Dry Touch SPF 30 as I fancied something non-shiny on my kite this holiday and  Bourjois Bronzing Primer - it's meant to be a dupe for the Chanel Bronze Universel, which I have loved in past years so we'll see how it compares!
The treats ... Original Source Coconut and Shea Butter Shower Cream and Mandara Spa Shea & Coconut Body Butter on offer in Sainsburys and Rimmel Wake Me-Up Concealer (although this could be deemed as essential as I should never be without an under-eye concealer!), Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in Spice and Natural Collection Eye Liner in grey.

A couple of footwear items ...

A picture of the July Haul

Can't stretch to Birkenstocks this year so these will do me nicely from Primark at only £4! And finally  ... my JuJu Reilly sandals - a bargain in the Office sale at a tenner - they are so comfy - I could shop for hours in them (but I won't!) ... I want another pair!

So that's me done for a while, must try to be good now although my brother's wedding is coming up next month so that could be a problem!  What have you bought in July?

Jen x

Friday, 24 July 2015

Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Creme - Review


After a fair amount of dithering around on my part (what's new) I eventually got hold of the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD  Creme from M&S back in April ... there was an offer on ... it was an excellent deal ... a no brainer ... you can read about it here if you feel the need! Nuxe is not a brand I would normally look to for this type of product but I'm so glad I did! Think it was SPF30 that first attracted my attention, it's meant to moisturise for up to 8 hours, beautifies (good grief I need some of that!) and protect the skin from daily assaults such as oxidative stress, pollution, UVA/UVB".  So all in all a pretty good dose of 'Daily Defense' for the old hide wouldn't you say?

A picture of the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Creme
A picture of the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Creme

Nuxe say the DD can be used either instead of or after moisturiser.  I apply over moisturiser as it has a tendency to sit in the pores on my chops if not ... and believe me I do not want an additional emphasis on my chops at my time of life!  The texture is surprisingly creamy and thicker than I expected and because of this I find it's much easier to buff in with my flat kabuki brush rather than fingers. The coverage can be built up and to my mind has more of a 'light foundation' rather than 'tinted moisturiser' look, although it doesn't have a heavy feel to it once on. It evens out skintone and lightly masks imperfections (of which I have many!) but with a natural, dewy finish rather than flat matte vibe.  It does seem to keep the moisture levels up - I haven't noticed any tightness or dryness as the day goes on and fades away evenly without any patchiness.  I should point out that T Zones will want to shine through but it's nothing that a bit of powder (or mineral veil in my case) can't fix but I do tend to save the Nuxe DD for non work days as I'm lazy/can't be nipping to the loo or sitting at my desk sorting out my shiny bits once I'm at work!  

The Nuxe DD is available in three shades - light, medium and dark.  I have the medium, it's quite rich in colour when swatched but once blended in it marries in well with my own light olive skintone and although you can't tell from the pics below (it was a dull grey day and I don't think my camera white balance settings were correct) it does warm up and give the complexion a bit of a 'glow' once on ... do not ask me why I look happier in the 'before' pic rather than the 'after' ... should be the other way around! 

A picture of the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Creme

So ... all in all I think this is a winner and a product I'd definitely like to repurchase - it's like skincare and make-up rolled into one. I think it's ideal for a bit of cover in summer when you want more than a tinted moisturiser and will be great in winter to protect, hydrate and give skin a bit of oomph once the winter pallor sets it (yep that won't be long will it!).  It doesn't break the bank at £21/30ml but I've noticed Nuxe have 30% off selected products on their own website here - which brings it down to a very tidy £14.70. I'm having to restrain myself as you can imagine! 

Have you tried the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Creme? Are you tempted by a bit of 'Daily Defense'? 

Jen x
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