Friday 11 May 2012

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Eye Roll-on

Evening all!  You may wonder why I'm posting this on a Friday night?  There's an 'important football match' on the box - need I say more?!

Anyway - just wanted to tell you about one of my favourite eye care products.  My mum very kindly gave me this little gem last summer to take on holiday and I've used it ever since!  I often have de-hydrated skin - particularly round the eyes - and this really helps. 

"One of France's premium beauty brands, Gatineau is acknowledged by industry experts for its expertise and use of cutting-edge technology.
Gatineau combines science and nature to achieve the very best results for your skin, harnessing plant and marine extracts and the most innovative biotechnology to create its skincare ranges."

The Gatineau Aquamemory Range is, as the name suggests, all about hydration, particularly important around the delicate eye area.  It can be applied under or over make-up.  I use this every morning either on it's own or for an extra boost together with another eye product and also sometimes re-apply in the day if I feel puffiness round the eye area.  The rollerball has an instant 'cooling' effect and as long as you don't squeeze the tube too much, dispenses just the right amount of product so you don't overuse - the tube lasts for ages (always a good thing!).  I then just gently pat the fluid round the orbital bone and it sinks in really easily and feels great!

"...this ultra-fresh fluid is paraben and silicone-free and was specially formulated to help to hydrate and smooth the delicate skin of the eye contour."

Gatineau products are available from various online beauty retailers such as Feel Unique and Salon Skincare  and there are also sometimes special offers at QVC - such as the Gatineau Aqaumemory Eye Roll-On Duo and the Gatineau Lip & Eye Care Duo (that looks like one to watch!).

Ah well - back to listening to 'give over ref!' and 'don't you give it away now you great donkey!' and 'other things' I can't repeat on here!  And it's only half time ...

Jenny x

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