Thursday, 27 June 2013

NOTD - Sinful Colors - Sweet Nothing


I spotted Sinful Colors (over from the USA) in Boots a while ago and was immediately drawn to the vast array of colours and finishes - creams, pearls, glitter, shimmer and mattes (that enough for you or what!). I walked away and then returned a week or so later (must have been mad).  A couple of the colours I'd originally had my eye on had sold out but not this one ... there was one bottle left in the stand ... it was meant to be...!

Sinful Colors - Sweet Nothing...

I found the polish went on easily - brush and consistency wise, it was opaque with two coats and dried fairly quickly.  My nails had chipped on the ends after just short of two days (with topcoat) so pretty standard for me (sigh). I will continue in my quest for the most bulletproof topcoat for us Mums.

Let me just say though that the above pic shows probably one of the messiest paint-jobs in the history of mankind, not because of the polish but due to the fact that a) I hadn't had time to prep my nails/cuticles and b) I was trying to do three things at once - rushing to get ready to go out, get the kids dinner on and get these photos taken - yes folks - that's how I roll...! Anyway - try to imagine this gorgeous colour on a more worthy set of nails. I mean it's got a proper 'Blue Lagoon' vibe don't you think - you just want to take a dip in it!

I will be returning to the Sinful Colors stand in Boots this weekend (and hope they've replenished their stock!) There are just too many colours and finishes to try out and at £1.99 a pop (even less at the moment as Boots have buy one get one half price on) the temptation is too great. If you haven't seen the range take a look here - bet there's something for everyone within this lot!

So tell me - have you 'Sinned' yet? Which is your favourite colour/finish?

Jen x


  1. Gorgeous colour will most certainly checking out this range, great price as well xx

  2. I think so Gail - I'll be checking out the range again too - can't go wrong can you? xx

  3. This is a beautiful colour!xx

  4. Not seen these before , but at £1.99 I shall be hunting those down! I still think Orly's top 2 bottom is the best topcoat for long wearing, but I'm continuing my quest as it's every few days otherwise for repainting mine too. Either that or give up life with kids and washing up etc etc.

    1. They're a great price Claire! Am definitely going to give the Orly top 2 botton a go when I've finished my current one xx

  5. That is a gorgeous blue! A real warm blue rather than a lot of the icy varieties you see out there. I shall keep an eye out for this number x


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