Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Giovanni 2 Chic Flat Iron Styling Mist & Ultra-Sleek Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir - Review


The Giovanni 2 Chic Flat Iron Styling Mist and Ultra-Sleek Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir were recently sent to me from Skin Nutrition - online beauty retailer offering a range of natural/organic skin and body care and sister company of the Nutrition Centre.  Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics is a family owned company in Los Angeles founded in the 1970s aiming ...  "to create hair products inspired by nature but that were still compelling, high performance formulas....the products are as natural as possible without sacrificing total performance."  According to the Giovanni website their products use lauryl and laureth sulfate free latherers and are paraben-free. 

Both products are suitable for all hair types and contain Giovanni's Dual Smoothing Complex made with Moroccan Organic Argan Oil & Brazilian Phyto-Keratin which are said to smooth and soften, help with the frizzies, whilst providing condition and protection against heat damage.  I've used each product on my daughter's head of medium textured, long, abundant hair and my own short, fine mop. They both have a subtle coconut 'holiday type' aroma.

Styling Elixir  - used on damp hair  before drying - only a small pump is needed for myself - I'd say more like two pumps for my daughter and concentrate on mid lengths to ends - if too much is taken too close to the roots it can feel a bit greasy. It's helped to tame and smooth our collective locks and keep frizziness at bay. My daughter's hair is very tangle prone and this has kept her hair from doing it's usual 'wild thing'.  Also a good one to apply to damp hair if leaving to dry naturally - I've done this a couple of time since the weather has become warmer and it prevented my hair from turning into a frizz ball so I imagine a handy product for holiday evenings.

Flat Iron Styling Mistcan be applied either to wet hair before blow drying or to dry hair for straightening.  I don't straighten my daughter's hair very often so have used it on both our hairs before drying and for myself before straightening. It doesn't weigh hair down at all and leaves it shiny and conditioned - especially important for me now I've had loads of colour put through - I'm desperate to keep the ends from doing their usual 'drying out' trick and so far they look and feel ok so fingers crossed!

Both these products have been great for keeping hair 'tamed' and neither are sticky or crispy.  My daughter's hair has been kept under control with the minimum of tangles, so much so that she's managed to brush and style her own hair in the mornings - apparently my next task is to create the 'Taylor Swift' curls look - whatever that is - wish me luck!

There is a whole range of Giovanni hair and body products available on the Skin Nutrition website here with a current 20% discount. The Flat Iron Styling Mist and Leave-In Conditioner are down from £7.99/118ml to £6.39.  I've really enjoyed using these products from the Giovanni 2 Chic range and being a complete haircare junkie can see myself making a few sneaky purchases pretty soon...the question is which product(s) to go for...too many to choose from!

Have you tried any Giovanni products?  Will you be making any purchases (sneaky or otherwise) from Skin Nutrition?

Jen x


  1. These sound great - love anything with Argan oil in! X

  2. Anything that helps with the frizzies is a yes please for me haha sounds like an amazing product.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  3. These sound great, always on the look out for something stop my hair doing the wild thing too!

    Charlotte - xx


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