Friday, 14 June 2013

2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This!

Another Friday ... another mad week...!

This week the hubby and I (and Grandpa!) went to see my little girl performing with her school at the regional dance Movefest (she's been practising for weeks!). Out they strutted, started dancing and...the music stopped! Sack the DJ! After technical problems were overcome they started again and performed their routine. So - there I was -filming her (we were allowed) welling up like you've never know - thank goodness it was dark and my phone was in front of my face! What am I like? It was just the sight of her - no longer a baby or toddler, performing so well (I feel exactly the same with my boy too) ... seriously - where has all this time gone - they're both growing up so fast I can't keep up with it and the dreaded hormones take over ... must learn to control those dratted things!  Here's the tune they started off to...

2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This!

Now I know that this is a track played at many sporting events all over the place but this is a favourite of mine and hubby's from back in the early 90s when it was released at the height of my clubbing days. I literally remember the first time I heard it - in The Banker's Draft (to be exact) - where we had all met up for the first drinks of the night - it came on and we all started dancing (just like in the video!) - right there next to the Jukebox - as you do!

Do you remember this track? Can you control your hormones?

Jen x


  1. I remember it and other 2 unlimited hits such as no limits! I wasn't allowed to go out clubbing yet though at the time!

    1. Oh yes I remember No Limits! I was clubbing my heart out at the time! xx


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