Sunday 9 August 2015

The Wedding Outfit Dilemma ... Part 1!


It's been a mad few weeks that's for sure (as you may have gathered by the sparse blog posts!) ... overtime, end of term for the kids, then holiday preparations were underway, had a brilliant time with the family in the South of France,  and now my brother and his lovely fiancee are shortly to be married ... so the madness continues! Good madness of course!

So ... wedding outfit ... I'm not a regular 'dress wearer' as you may know ... I tend to try to toughen things up with boots etc to play down the ladylike vibe (looks great on others but not so much on me!) but you can't really do that for your brother's wedding can you? Well ... I could but don't think my mum would be very impressed! And herein lies the dilemma ... an age appropriate dress in the correct colour that doesn't cost the earth ... with the right neckline, not too short, long, clingy, baggy or fussy ... don't want much do I?  Here are a few that have caught my eye from House of  Fraser, Debenhams and New Look - all images and links etc are from Pinterest here ...

Not sure whether to go for something floaty ...

or lace and floaty ... this one may be a bit too short actually ...

Or fitted lace ...

or something in between ...

I think this is probably my favourite, a bit more sophisticated but I love the style and colour ...

... and for some reason, although I'm not a flowery girl, this one from Ted Baker is calling to me ...

So what do you think - opinions please? Would you go floaty, lacy or fitted? I've ordered a few dresses so will showcase once I've had a trying on session!  I'm not even thinking about bag or shoes yet, that's another kettle of fish!

Jen x


  1. I absolutely love the Ted baker dress it's beautiful!
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. I like the last two you listed....I don't usually like green but that one is really pretty x

  3. I love the first blue one, second red one & the green is gorgeous! X

  4. Nicola/brumblodwyn9 August 2015 at 18:26

    I like the shape of the green one and I love the Ted Baker one xx Nicola/brumblodwyn

  5. I adore the style of the green but not sure that the undertone would suit your skin colour Jenny - there seems to be a lot of yellow in it! The first one is a gorgeous shape too but with your figure, you could do any of these x

  6. Oooh Jenny as you know I'm not usually into patterns, but I think that last Ted Baker one would look really striking on you with your colouring you could definitely carry it off, with a big wow!!
    Helen xx

  7. Definitely Ted Baker, you have a stunning figure it would look amazing on you xx


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