Friday, 30 January 2015

Keep Me Warm and Turn Me On!


It's no secret that I'm not a lover of Winter ... it's not even the dark mornings/evenings ... it's the cold. I am so sick of the freezing weather ... my body is not compatible with it and can't seem to keep warm when the temperature drops ... even if the heating has been ticking over (on low) all day.  Poor circulation, a spot of Raynaud's here and there and at worst my chest muscles seem to seize up in places ... ok it's not the end of the world but bloody annoying! Where are those hot flushes when you need them! Thermals and multiple layers are a must and regular exercise is essential to boost my circulation.  This is why I love prancing around, be it on the machines or in a class at the gym - feels so good to be hot and sweaty (nice) and have the blood pumping round at an acceptable level! 

The other night when it had snowed heavily and I couldn't get down for my usual 'gym fix', I had to slap some 'hot' music on to keep myself sane  ... so our Kevin here stepped in and obliged ... !

Kevin Lyttle ... Turn Me On ....!

This tune ... this is such a favourite girls night out track ... and every time it comes on there is always some proper 'Zumba style' shape throwing going on I can tell you ... !

Seriously ... does it not make you feel like getting on down and dirty (dance-wise) at that Caribbean beach party with not a thermal or sock in sight!  This is so one of my cold weather pick up tunes, it takes me to a 'hot weather high' and turns my circulation on just listening to it!  

How do you cope with the cold?  What's your favourite 'hot weather high' tune?

Jen xx

PS:  I've just had to have a dance round the kitchen ... the family think I've gone mad! :)


  1. I love winter but even I've had enough now! Roll on spring. Desperate to wear shoes and flip flops and sandals again instead of boots! Lynne xx

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  2. Me too Lynne - my feet have had enough of being cooped up! xx

  3. I love your music choices, always a big smile comes across my face when I play your tunes! Just tuned in and had a little bop around, yes my family think I am just a little mad tonight! But boy I do feel a lot warmer now!! Helen xx


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