Sunday 28 October 2012

Review - Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex


You may well be familiar with Alpha-H Skincare due to it's revolutionary product - 'Liquid Gold' which many 'swear by'.   I've been using Absolute Eye Complex for a few months now and thought it was about time I sorted my review out.

I bought this product in the 'supersize' when it was on offer on at QVC, think it was back in April - a huge 30ml of eye product for the price of the 15ml  - which is around £31 (ish).

Alpha-H are known for their specific treatments and this is exactly how I've come to think of this product, not just an eye-gel but a 'treatment' as such.  The product is pretty unique in that it can be applied all over the top and bottom lids and taken right up to the lash line, as opposed to applying around the orbital bone - therefore feels like you're getting straight to the root of the problem if you like.  It includes a 'skin-lifting peptide' to provide a temporary tightening effect, beech tree extract which apparently detoxifies and hibiscus flower extract which gently re-surfaces the eye area - therefore brightening and also helping to rid the area of milia (those tiny blocked white pores).

I've been using this every morning as it's refreshing and re-vitalising and a real wake-me-up for my tired eyes. There is no sticky or glupey residue, it sinks in instantly and you can almost feel the slight firming effect which is much desired.  Whilst it doesn't provide a permanent lift it certainly feels like it's perking the eye area up on a temporary basis.  I'm pleased to say that the milia appear to be on their way out - it takes time but this is the only product I've used which seems to be tackling the problem (I once had a go at squeezing one many many moons ago - never again). My whole eye area is less puffy and somewhat brighter and my dark circles are not as deep and dense - I'm using less under-eye concealer. I also understand that the product is suitable as an eye-lid primer, which is even better as I've not had to use any additional primers on the lids and my eye make-up has stayed in place.

Don't get me wrong - my eye area isn't perfect, it would be a miracle if it was at my age - but it does seem to have improved since I've been using this product. I'm actually thinking of trying this out on my upper-lip to see if I can brighten that area (that's another story!).

My only complaint is that the pump on the bottle is a bad one - you have to mess around to get the right amount of product - just a few tiny squeezes, otherwise far too much comes out, which is a complete waste. It would be really helpful if Alpha-H modified the pump action.

However (even with a dodgy pump) - and although it is pricey I feel that it has so many benefits that it's  turned into one of my 'holy-grail' items. I think this product is brilliant, I love it and will definitely be re-purchasing, although there's still loads left in the bottle so it should be into the New Year before I have to re-order (unless QVC have any mega-deals on!).

You can pick up Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex from the usual online beauty retailers such as Salon Skincare or from QVC.

Have you tried out any Alpha-H products? What's on your 'holy-grail' list?

Jen x


  1. Thx for sending me your link on bbloggers chat! Really nice review, didn't even knew this brand before, oops! I'm following now :). Hope you check my blog and join my giveaway if you like!

  2. Thanks - you're too young to need anything like this yet though! ;) Lovely blog - am following back! x

  3. great review! i just nominated you for the Liebster Award! if you want to participate you can find my post at:

  4. Great review you got here! I think I am going to try this out since I have slight dark circles. I hope this is one of the products that can help me.

    1. You can always order from QVC and return within 30 days if it's not suitable - it's a great way to try out! x


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