Sunday 1 July 2012

June Favourites!


My first favourites post - just a selection of products I've enjoyed using throughout the ridiculously wet month that has been June! And a couple of randoms at the end!

Here they are...

Bath Body and Hair Stuff  

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Soothing Handcream - great on my parched hands, leaves them soft and smooth. I'd definitely re-purchase this.

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash and Body Lotion - got these as part of a christmas set.   Both are lovely and moisturising, the body lotion sinks in really easily and I love the fragrance!

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Sky High Plumping Powder - the more plumping my hair gets, the better. It's so fine and flat these days that this has been a very welcome addition to my multitude of hair products!

A Few Make-Up Bits

Bare Minerals Natural Lipgloss 'Cupcake' - a soft glossy pink, ideal for a natural/summery look.

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara - great shaped brush, lengthens and curls, also a good size brush for lower lashes.

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner - this is the only eyelash conditioner I've tried so far and it's really helped my short sparse lashes (try saying that after a few drinks!) which were damaged last year after the removal of eyelash extensions.  They'll never reach the dizzy lengths some of you beauties have, but I can really tell the difference and I've not had to use my eyelash curlers since using this!

You know I love my music and I love my T-shirts. Such a jeans and T-shirt (old) girl, I don't think I'll ever grow out of it!  Both of these were from H&M.

H & M 'Muso' T-Shirts

You Can't Beat A Bit Of Jimi!

Baby I Love You!

And last but not least, my favourite spice this month, the superbly versatile Cumin seed.  Been cooking a lot with this lately (not in my new T-shirts I hasten to add!), the aroma is fantastic! 

Makes a change from holding a Nail Polish Bottle!

Hope you've enjoyed my favourites! I have!

Jen x


  1. The Bare Minerals Natural Lipgloss 'Cupcake' looks pretty!! Love the T.shirts, too :)

  2. Lovely favourites! The bare minerals lipgloss looks very cute xo

  3. I love your tops!
    Also I'm a big fan of Sanctuary Spa products too, woo haha!
    Now following

    Gemma x

    1. Thanks! Sanctuary Spa stuff is lovely - wish I could afford it all the time! x

  4. Good favourite list :) I like the Sanctuary products and great T-shirts :)

    Tanesha x

  5. never heard of the treseme plumping powder. would love to try that one!

    1. I can't do without it now! - wonder if you can get it over there? x

  6. Those tops are lovely!
    Thanks for following, I'm following back! Love the blog hop x

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